The professionals at Loxley Associates have successfully originated and executed over 200 executive search and human capital advisory mandates within commerce and industry sectors and across the emerging markets over the past 6 years.

Loxley Associates conducts work according to 'best practice' principles. Our work is discrete, thorough, precise and delivers results for our clients, quickly and efficiently. Successful completion rate within the advised timeframe for retained executive search mandates has never dropped below 90%.

Recent mandates that have been successfully completed by professionals at Loxley Associates have included:
  • Chief Executive Officer, leading consumer goods company, Egypt
  • Chief Executive Officer, forestry company, Khabarovsk, Russian Far East
  • Chief Financial Officer, leading online business intelligence company, Dubai
  • Chief Commercial Officer, telecommunications company, Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Chief Financial Officer, telecommunications company, Bahrain
  • Head of Human Resources, ‘Big 4’ accountancy firm, Moscow
  • Country Manager, real estate development, Oman
  • Head of Marketing for Sub-Saharan Africa, leading consumer goods company
  • Head of Gulf Cooperation Council, leading pharmaceutical company, Dubai
  • Mega Project Directors, real estate developer, Morocco, Tunisia and Bahrain
  • Senior Brand Manager, leading consumer goods company, Mumbai
  • Country Managers, leading pharmaceutical company, Iraq and Jordan

Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive greater insight into our history of delivery. Loxley Associates will then provide project case studies, example research reports and client references in line with any specific enquiry.
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